During the sanctions, the Petrochemical Industry of Iran is challenging: The thirty-first “Investment World” monthly with six special sections, Donyaye Energy. With the launch of the eighth International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX), a speech was made with Seyyed Hesam Hosseini, the General Manager of the Interactive Company, and Seyyed Hesam Hosseini, a speech titled “Winning Starters at the 2019 Inbox Fair”. ,” released.

Capital experts

Later, a meeting with Qassim Feizi Salmani and Market Expert Ali Ibtehaj and the company’s investment manager, Mohammad Hadi Hamidi, aimed to explore other aspects of sanctions, challenges, and the impact of infrastructure required for the well-being of the infrastructure. capital market. In addition, the investment and finance director of Behparvar’s collection, Dr. A conversation with Mohammad Bakhshi titled “Conditions for reaching a free economy in Iran” is part of Ali Heidari’s “Iraq Economy Outlook”.

Donyaye energy report

In the energy sector, a report titled “USA-Russia European Natural Gas Supply Duel” was published. In this episode, he interviewed senior experts in the field of energy, including; Muhammed Hosein Adeli, Morteza Behroozifar, Saeed Mirtrabi and also Hassan Moradi. In this discussion, the political-economic behavior of oil customers, Iranian rivals and political leaders of countries and why scenarios that should be on the agenda of our country were discussed. “Sanctions on petrochemicals are more difficult than oil sanctions” is another part of this section.


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