Parliament’s Deputy Chairman of the Energy Commission said that by completing the value chain of petrochemicals, the value of national capital can increase, so investing in petrochemical offers a clear vision of the industry.

Petrochemical plans

The Energy Commission Vice President said that the completion of the value chain of petrochemicals can increase the value of national capital, so investing in petrochemical projects provides a clear vision of this sector. In his speech with the correspondent of Nipena, Hüseyin Amiri Khamekani, vice president of the Energy Commission of the Parliament, referred to the fact that the petrochemical industry plays an important role in the development of the country. In addition to the prevention of crude oil, it will also provide raw materials in the sub-sector to strengthen the country’s national production and economic development. ”

National capital

“Petrochemical has increased the value of national capital in order to evaluate its value chains, so we invested in petrochemical projects, we are ready to give every kind of support to develop this industry process, a clear vision about industry, government and parliament.

Development of the petrochemical industry

Amiri Khamekani stated that the development of the petrochemical industry and the development plan of this value chain are completed among the priorities. In this regard, the private sector can play more roles in various ways than before. The head of the parliamentary energy commission noted the role of job creation in the petrochemical industry. “It should be noted that today employment is one of the pillars of development and progress in industries and countries that help increase employment in the petrochemical industry, and the development of complementary industries in this process can create more jobs.

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