Ali Pasha Company ,

Dated 01.01.2020 and numbered 1891 SE Turkey exports and imports of goods in the concept of a country (Iran) another model country (Turkey) has been registered as a commercial company for transportation.

A private company trading company, Ali Pasha, the initial economic and commercial activities, then the growth and development goals and plans with Turkey’s Istanbul expands to different industrial cities like Barça provinces. As mentioned and stated, it will target and purchase the products of petrochemical companies from Iranian producers (industrial and petrochemical factories) by different methods or, in fact, the products of manufacturing companies and large consumers who may be in the target country or the same manufacturing factories.

Converting petrochemical products to consumer goods such as plastic products (Containers, pipes, wire and cable covers, etc.), Tires, insulation, packaging, household appliances etc. TV body, radio, computer, car control panel, small and large liquid tanks (water, Antifreeze, oil, etc.) are offered at the consumer factories.

Examples of these products are the raw materials of the production facilities (customers): Light polyethylene varieties / Heavy polyethylene varieties / Propylene Types / Propylene Types / Polystyrene Types / Butane / Methane / Chemical fertilizers / MEG-DEG-DPG different liquid chemical products / Basic raw materials varieties can be named. These products are from Iranian petrochemical companies and factories that are allowed to sell some products manufactured for export. Therefore, the establishment of the necessary communication and cooperation that can be provided by the Iranian petrochemical factories are accepted.

Company managers

alireza vadoudi

Alireza Vadoudi

General sales manager

Kamal Vadoudi

Commercial manager

Ali Nazlu

Bursa sales manager

ibrahim Mammadzada

Azerbaijan sales manager

Hossein Gharabaghi

Customs clearance
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