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Introduction and history of Ali Pasha Company

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Ali Pasha Company is a commercial company registered for the transfer of goods from one country (Iran) to another, located in Turkey, number 1891 GD, dated 01/01/2010. Ali Pasha Company is a private business company and initially starts its economic and commercial activities from Istanbul, Turkey, which will continue to expand to different industrial cities of Turkey, such as Barça, with its goals and plans for growth and development.

Our products

  • Light polyethylene
  • Heavy polyethylene
  • polypropylene
  • polystyrene
  • Butane
  • methane
  • Chemical fertilizers
  • DEG
  • Basic raw materials
  • Ethylene glycol
  • Elephants
  • polyethylene
  • MEG
  • ABC
  • Rafinit
  • DPG
  • benzene
  • o-Xylene
  • Panthen
  • ethanone
  • Anhydride phthalate
  • Propane
  • Golin
  • toluene
  • Zaylin
  • nitrogen
  • Phthalic anhydride
  • and …


Ali Pasha Company has legal licenses from the countries importing our products.

Business Partners

Representation of the most reputable petrochemical companies

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Razi petrochemical co.
Khorasan petrochemical co.
Isfahan petrochemical co.
Zagros petrochemical co.
Mehr petrochemical co.
Khalij Fars petrochemical co.
Karoon petrochemical co.
Maron petrochemical co.
Shazand petrochemical co.
AmirKabir petrochemical co.
Tabriz petrochemical co.
Morvarid petrochemical co.
Pardis petrochemical co.
Jam petrochemical co.

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Additional information about AliPasha products

Alipasha Turkey petrochemical company

AliPaşa Company buys the products of petrochemical companies from Iranian producers (industrial and petrochemical factories) and offers them to large consumers in the target country (factories converting petrochemical products to consumer goods). Among the consumer goods, various plastic products can include kitchenware, pipes, wire and cable covers, Tires, insulation, packaging, household appliances, TV body, radio, computer, car control panel, liquid tanks (water, antifreeze, oil, etc.).

Environmental Protection

Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) Responsibilities

Environmental protection is an effort to protect the natural environment at the personal, organizational or government level to protect the health of the environment and people. Using high quality raw materials, Ali Pasha Company has taken important and valuable precautions in the policy of correct production at all world standards, preventing the production of industrial pollutants and observing all environmental requirements. Ali Pasha Company believes that the environment is the lifeblood of all beings and its protection is a religious, national and transnational task. Once again, we are reminded to remind the global motto of the environment that the world is not our heritage, but a trust that we must give our children in a healthy way.

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